Our Rapid Pain Relief Program

What is Dr.Paiwal's Rapid Pain Relief Program ?

This program is an expertise protocol, developed over a period of time, to heal pain and its 

complication, as deep as possible in body itself, via help of few of the most advanced 

physiotherapy modalities in World right now. 

Namely, Tecar Therapy and Leora Laser with other combination of tradition physiotherapy 

modalities and exercises as well. 

Basically, the principle behind this protocol is to promote damaged tissue's Neo-Innervation and 

Neo-Vascularization and removing of Painful Noxious Substances from damaged tissue directly,

 thus promoting the tissue to heal and in turn, curing the pain. 

And all this is without any operation/invasive method and non of our physical modalities 

has any side effects on patient's body or painful tissue.

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