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In 2010 feb, i met dr paiwal through some link. I had terrible pain in my neck, left hand, low back, left leg and headache. Life was miserable with this pain, joint family and two small kids. I was ready to commit suicide for this pain. Allah made me met Dr Paiwal. He came as angel in my life. His laser rays and IFT protocol seriously finished my ...Read Morepain totally. I was so happy. Life without pain in spine and headache i never imagined only. Then once i had one limb weakness, that also he cured. My Rheumatoid Arthritis pain relief also given by gaurav bhaiya. He gave me second life. He is our family doctor now. My father in law's paralysis and knee pain. Mother in law's Knee and neck pain. Husband's back and neck pain all are treated by Dr Gaurav in these last 10 years at times. All my patients whom i sent to him are super happy with the pain relief he gave and living a complete pain free life. Thanks sir. Best physiotherapist in udaipur, bhilwara, banswara, dungarpur, rajsamand, chittor. Over these years i had seen so many patients getting pain free at this clinic.

Shirin, Banswara

Chef / Restaurant Owner

I took Dr Paiwal's treatment for my neck pain (cervical spondylitis), ankle pain (plantar fascitis) and low back pain at different times and got complete relief always. My wife took treatment for her knee pain (arthritis) with complete relief by laser and tecar therapy unit. My son took treatment for his neck and back pain due to slip disc, sciat...Read Moreica and spondilitis. He also recovered almost completely. Very nice experience with his line of treatment. No operation. No bed rest. No pain killers. No Major precautions. Just plain electrotherapy to heal your damaged pain full disc or nerve or muscle. The best pain chronic pain relief treatment in town. Down to earth approach with best results. Best Spine Pain Clinic,

Gulab Singh Rao, Udaipur

Business Man

Best chronic pain doctor. My Knee pain got full relief with only his treatment, Avoid knee surgery take physiotherapy.

Sharifan Bano, Udaipur

House Wife

My wife, Bhavna, had terrible pain in her neck and running in her left arm since many years. I being a pharmacist and a medical shop owner gave her many pain killers for her pain relief for many years. But all pain killers gave her temporary relief. Consulted Many ortho and neuro doctors. All gave medicines and finally suggested operation for her ...Read MoreCervical Spondylitis. Then i met Dr Gaurav after a client suggested about him. He gave me confidence in very first sitting. Started with his treatment and she started feeling relief. Now even after 5 years she doesnt have any pain in her neck and left hand. Thankyou sir. Best Pain Doctor and Best Physiotherapist in Udaipur. i had referred many slip disc patients and neck pain to dr gaurav and all share amazing pain relief experience. Most recommended physiotherapist of udaipur for chronic spine pain. Avoid surgery take physiotherapy.

Sachin Jain, Udaipur


My wife, Uma, Had severe low back pain due to slip disc and sciatica. Dr gaurav's treatment saved us from the operation many orthopaedic doctors advised. Thankyou sir.

Uma Sakhala, Chittorgarh

Home Maker

I has very old low back pain due to my work profile of 7-8 hours of sitting at job. Dr gaurav diagnosed it and fully treated it with laser and tecar therapy sessions. I cannot imagine i am living a pain free life without surgery. He is the best physiotherapist for chronic slip disc or sciatica pain. Dont neglect your neck or back pain, it can wors...Read Moreen with time, Consult him and take his treatment, Best wishes.

Mukesh Dahima, Rajsamand


I had severe pain in my knees and low back from many many years. Pain used to increase with work or exertion and reduce with rest. Took medicines from many doctors from udaipur, ahmedabad and jaipur. Finally all advised knee replacement and spine surgery for my lumbar disc herniation and spinal canal stenosis. I had terrible pain. Was fed up taking...Read More rest and medication for years. Consulted Dr Paiwal on a friend's advice. He took one hour to make us understand the whole problem. its cause and treatment, I was so relieved in that sitting only. Started his treatment. Pain reduced to zero within few weeks. Dr paiwal is the best pain doctor for knee pain and slip disc pain. Avoid knee pain take his electrotherapy.

Nirmal Panwar, Udaipur


Took Dr Paiwal's treatment for my diabetic neuropathy and diabetic foot. I had severe burning in my leg below knees in both sides. After NCV test started with dr paiwals treatment and gradually got total reliefe from that pain. Thanks sir.

Lalit Salvi, Udaipur

Construction Material Business

I took treatment for my low back pain due to L4-L5 slip disc and my mother took treatment for her knee pain due to loss of grease or arthritis or osteoarthritis from dr paiwal. He is a very good physiotherapist or i must say best chronic spine or joint pain specialist in Udaipur. Serving in Udaipur since 2007 and yes very very experienced. Totally...Read More satisfied with his line of treatment, A must for all pain patients who doesnt want operation.

Manish Damami, Udaipur / Ahmedabad


5 star pain relief experience. Very well diagnosed and treated my low back pain of slip disc. Great clinical hand dr paiwal. Good Physiotherapist. Best pain relief treatment in udaipur.

Lalita Suhalka, Udaipur

Home Maker

Very good pain relief in low back pain. Prompt pain treatment. Very well managed and attended my wife's back pain with tecar and laser treatment.

Dinesh Gothwal, Udaipur

Business Man

My slip disc got cured here. Pain in back (kamar dard) and in both legs is now fully over. After taking treatment from dr gaurav paiwal i can say that yes slip disc can be fully cured. Slip disc has relief. Dont operate your spine, Take laser and tecar therapy instead. A very safe and comfortable treatment,

Sharda Vyas, Udaipur

Home Maker

My wife, Daughter, Son-in-law and few other relatives took treatment from Dr paiwal for slip disc in their back or neck or knee pain due to arthritis at different times. All well. All treated, Very safe, guaranteed and easy treatment. No painkillers prescribed, No bed rest given, no work to leave. Very very good treatment. Very skilled and knowle...Read Moredgeable physiotherapist and caring nature also. Spine Expert.

Amba Lal Jain, Udaipur

Business Man

Took treatment for my son's paralysis when he was just 5 year old. Dr paiwal took his care like our family member. Daily exercises for almost 3 months cured my son's paralysis completely. Now he is living a normal life. Dr paiwal has given new life to our son. You are so good. Best Stroke Team Udaipur.

Karan, Udaipur


Old neck and back pain of my wife ended at this clinic only. Dr Gaurav paiwal is the best physiotherapist in udaipur. Top pain hospital. Easy, satisfying and careful doctor. Fully satisfied with type and quality of treatment. Spine Specialist. Thanks sir

Gopal Agarwal, Udaipur

Business Man

Took Low back and neck treatment at two different times from dr paiwal. Best treatment for disc bulge or disc prolapse. Very friendly and caring doctor. Even helps on phone anytime in any time medical need. Best physiotherapy Guidance you can get. Avoid your spine surgery take class 4 laser and tecar treatment from dr paiwal to heal your pain from ...Read Moreinside out. Spine Specialist

R K Singh, Jodhpur / Udaipur

Forest Officer

My husband took his treatment for his pains. So, as soon as my knee and neck pain came in i consulted Dr Paiwal. He advised MRI and few tests. Which confirmed my cervical spondilitis. Started with dr gaurav's daily sessions and my pain got full pain relief. Very happy with this complete relief. Very genuine doctor. Gives your full care like his ow...Read Moren family. Helps you with all your queries. Most recommended physiotherapist. Spine Specialist

Sushila Singh, Jodhpur / Udaipur

Home Maker

Pura aaram mila mera pain me. Bahut achcha, sulah aur sugam ilaj. Bina dard nivarak davaiyan, bina operation, bina bharti, bina injection, bina kaam ka loss. Easy, best and perfect pain relief services wo bhi purn vishwas ke saath. Thanks sir Best pain doctor in udaipur Best chronic pain hospital in rajasthan.

O P Suhalka, Udaipur

Business Man

My mother and father took slip disc and arthritis treatment via laser and tecar rays at Dr paiwal's clinic. Good treatment. Complete pain relief without operation. Best electrotherapy machines in udaipur at genuine amount.

Mangilal Sharma, Udaipur

Retd Teacher

I had slip disc in my back as well as severe tightness in my back muscles since long due to my sitting job. Was advised operation from all doctors. Consulted Dr Paiwal, took his laser and tecar sessions and pain completely finished. Thankyou Sir

Hemendra Patel, Udaipur


I had low back pain due to lumbar spinal canal stenosis at 4 levels, L2-L3 , L3-L4 , L4-L5 , L5-S1. I was not able to stand for even two minute, then pain used to start running in my leg from back. An old patient of dr paiwal and my friend asked me to consult dr paiwal. Dr paiwal took almost 45 mins to explain me everything about this pain. He is d...Read Moreo ind and skilled. I was impressed and started with his treatment. I practice in kapasan. Came daily for 45 days to treatment by train. And yes, my pain was fully cued with dr sahab's treatment. At 72 years of age i am indebted to dr paiwal for this relief. Thankyou sir.

Govind Siroya, Kapasan


My Jijaji was having severe pain in his back and left leg. 100% pain. No medicine was working. No injection was working. Consulted Dr paiwal in emergency. he have 40% pain relief in that horrible pin in just 10 mins. That was just unimaginable. Then jijaji took whole course from dr paiwal till his pain totally cured. Dr Gaurav Paiwal is the best sl...Read Moreip disc doctor in udaipur. Super Specialist of sciatica and low back pain in udaipur. I recommend dr paiwal to all slip disc or sciatica pain patients. Best Wishes.

Rajeev Hingad, Udaipur

Business Man

Very easy and painfree treatment for slip disc, sciatica, neck pain and knee pain. That too with full assurance and care. Very easy going and casual attitude. Dr gaurav is skilled as well as kind. Best wishes.

Satyendra, Mandsaur

Govt Teacher

My mother had an old spinal fracture and terrible pain in her low back radiating to one leg with tingling, numbness,burning of skin. All doctors advised spine operation. Dr Gaurav was the only one who told us how to avoid operation and finish pain. We started with his treatment and yes, even after terrible injuries in her back my mother's pain tota...Read Morelly ended. Went we met Dr paiwal, my mother used to walk with support of two people under her arms and after paiwal sir's treatment she is able to walk almost 3-4 kms without support. He is the best. The best pain doctor. The best physiotherapist. The best doctor. Experienced and skilled. Down to earth. My wife also took treatment for her neck spondilitis and her pain also cured completely. Thankyou sir. You are the best therapist. If you want guaranteed treatment for slip disc and want to avoid operation consult Dr Paiwal. Most recommended.

Mukesh Mehta, Udaipur

Business Man

Consulted and took treatment for my spine problem at dr paiwal's clinic. Most experienced chronic spine pain doctor in udaipur. Well skilled. Super equipped with laser and tecar rays. Most advanced physiotherapy clinic in udaipur. Trust him and he will finish your pain completely.

Sanjay Taneja, Udaipur

Business Man

Very good pain hospital in udaipur. Excellent dr paiwal.

Sumit Mattha, Udaipur

Business Man

5 star physiotherapy treatment. Very experienced and knowledgeable doctor. Top pain doctor in udaipur. Got total pain relief in my chronic ankle pain due to plantarfascitis. Best thing i felt in this clinic is that dr paiwal explains every patient so clearly about his problem, mechanism of pain and its cure. He is the best physiotherapist in ud...Read Moreaipur. Take his full treatment. You will be satisfied i guarantee you.

Sulochana Sharma, Udaipur

Home Maker

I had arthritis in knee since many years. Walking was troublesome. Daily household work was very painful. Even painkillers were not sufficient enough to counter pain. All Doctors were advising knee surgery. But dr gaurav guaranteed me total relief without operation. Took his treatment and as he guaranteed i am totally pain free. Doing all household...Read More as well as farm work. Best knee doctor.

Dali Bai, Mavli

Home Maker

Best treatment for low back pain. No admission, No pain, No bed rest, No loss of of business or work, No operation. Surgery free treatment for neck and back pain. Took treatment for my cervical slip disc and lumbar spondylitis. Both recovered completely. No pain at all. Thank you sir.

Dinesh Pareek, Bhilwara


Mujhe lakva / paralysis ho gaya tha. Dr paiwal ki kasrat se me full thek ho gaya. Good control on treatment, Aaj me wapas apni naukri kar pa raha hu. Dhanyawad Dr Paiwal.

Bansi Lal, Udaipur


In 2012, i had severe pain in my neck running in left shoulder and hand. Pain, pull, tingling, numbness, burning, etc. My job seeks 200-300 km car driving daily. Was not able to do that. One day it became so severe. All treatments from allopathy, ayurved failed. Neurologist diagnosed it as Cervical Disc Bulge. One of the spine specialist recommen...Read Moreded me to Dr Paiwal. And yes, dr paiwal healed my 3 bulging disc completely. I dont have any such pain after his treatment. All cured. He is the best spine therapist. Avoid spine surgery. Take Electrotherapy. Heal your disc from inside out.

Pankaj Sharma, Rajsamand

Travel Business

Mere kamar dard ka pura aaram mujhe yahin se mila. Bahut achche doctor hain. Aapko aapke slip disc and sciatica ke kamar dard me inse achcha aur pura aaram koi nahi de sakta. Jarur lein inka ilaj. Na koi operation. Na koi bharti. Na kaam se aaram. Full safe and best low back pain treatment.

Sushila Gandhi, Udaipur

Home Maker

Good physiotherapy treatment. Trust is the key to physiotherapy. It takes time. But surely pain goes off. Best physio Dr paiwal.

O P Kumawat, Udaipur


Was suffering from very old back pain which used to go to my both legs and i was not able to do my work. Took all possible treatment. Finally met dr gaurav. He finished my slip disc and sciatica pain completely in just 40-42 sessions. Now i dont have nay pain in my back or leg. Thankyou sir you saved me from spine operation. Fully safe treatment. ...Read MoreNo side effects. Treats with full responsibility.

Rameshwar Kumawat, Pushkar


Ghutne ka achcha ilaj. Bina operation dard se purn aaram. Good Recovery. Blessings.

Kamla Rawal, Udaipur

Home Maker

Took gaurav sir's treatment for my knee ligament injury. He healed my sprained knee ligaments and saved me from arthroscopic surgery. Thankyou sir. Very caring doctor.

Nishant Chelawat, Udaipur / Bangalore


At an age of 72 i developed a typical burning and tingling sensation with heaviness in my both legs below knees. Many doctors said it is due to My 32 year old Diabetes but couldn't cure it. Day by day i started having pain for whole day. Wasn't able to sleep and walk also. Life was turning to be miserable. Then i read advertisement of dr paiwal in ...Read Morenewspaper and consulted him. He was the only one who made me understand the cause of the problem even before even before my tests were done. Excellent clinical knowledge. I started with his treatment. Soon my heaviness in both kegs ended and gradually my diabetic neuropathy got treated. He is the best. The best you can get in physiotherapy. He patiently listens to each and every patient and answers to each and every query as well. I am totally happy with my treatment and bless dr paiwal that all his dreams gets fullfilled. Thanks beta.

A K Sharma, Bhilwara / Udaipur

Retired Managing Director

I had terrible pain in my both knees which was increasing with age. I was not able to stand for even 5 mins, was not able to walk pain free, could not sit crossed legs. After many unsuccessful attempts with many doctors , i Visited Dr Paiwal's Clinic. He assessed and told me to get few tests done. It was clearly diagnosed that i have osteoarthritis...Read More in my both knees. Stage 3. With Fixed Flexion Deformity. Started with his treatment. Gradually my pain reduced to zero. Now i am able to walk totally pain free. All my activities of daily living are pain free now. Thanks sir. Best knee pain doctor in udaipur. Best chronic pain specialist. I saw many slip disc patients also getting treated from here. Top spine pain therapist also. I just like his diagnosis. Clear and concise.

Rita Shrimali, Udaipur / Bangalore

Retired Lecturer

In a road traffic accident with my bike i injured my right knee joint, breaking my anterior cruciate ligament, medial menisus tear and lateral meniscus tear. All doctors advised knee surgery to suture the ligaments. Met dr paiwal. He guided me with knee physiotherapy through Laser and Tecar Rays. and as he promised, My pain and limp totally cured ...Read Morewith his treatment. Now i am playing foot ball and other outdoor games comfortably. He saved me from knee surgery. Thanks sir. You are the best physiotherapist.

Ankit Sharma, Rajsamand


I had severe pain in my knee and old untreated stroke / paralysis. Dr. Paiwal treated both so well. Paralysis recovered little but my pain totally finished in knee. So happy. Blessings Dr Gaurav. Subka pain thek kariye. Bahut achcha kaam.

Roopali Devi, Dhariyawad

Home Maker

Took treat for my ankle pain. Fully satisfied with dr paiwal's examination, diagnosis and line of treatment. Very humble person, down to earth and superb skilled physiotherapist. Best pain hospital.

Shashi Kala Nair, Udaipur

Office Staff

i was suffering from Frozen shoulder. Any activity from my left hand was too painful for me. No relief anywhere. Consulted dr paiwal seeing his online advertisement and followed his treatment. Now i am painfree with full range of motion as he says. Best frozen shoulder doctor Best therapist for pain

Sunil Pareek, Udaipur

Retired Govt. Officer

Best pain relief services for my low back pain due to disc bulge and sciatica. Fully satisfied and happy with the type of treatment and results. Best wishes Dr Paiwal. I had seen people with neck pain, knee pain and low back pain (who were advised surgeries from doctors) getting treated without surgery here. Best Pain Clinic in Udaipur.

Nathulal Salvi, Bhindar

Civil Contractor

I had a chronic low back pain since few years which used to worsen with time and exertion. Pain used to increase by evening and subside by rest. No clear diagnosis was being made by any orthopaedician i consulted. Consulted dr paiwal with by brother. He thoroughly examined my pain. Made me understand the cause and the cure. I followed with his prot...Read Moreocol and yes my pain totally disappeared. No pain in my low back and leg after his treatment. My - elder brother took treatment for his similar slip disc pain in low back - sister in law took treatment for her neck and back - father took treatment his spinal canal stenosis - father in law took treatment for his severe spinal canal stenosis and osteoarthritis knee - wife took treatment for her chondromalacia patella / knee pain. and all of them are doing great. The best in physiotherapy you can get. Trust him. Do as he says. Follow his precautions. and he will save your from your spine surgery or knee replacement surgery. Best Physiotherapy Hospital in town. Top pain relief clinic. Amazing knee pain skills.

Jinesh Humad, Udaipur


My wife, father and mother took treatment from Dr Gaurav Paiwal Sir for their low back pain due to slip disc, knee pain due to arthritis or osteoarthritis and neck pain due to cervical spondylitis. All three of them are completely painfree now. Father had tingling and numbness in legs and back with pain. Mother had knee gap and slip disc with spond...Read Moreylolysthesis and spinal canal stenosis in low back as well as neck pain of cervical spondilitis and wife had severe knee pain since osteoarthritis.

Shankar Prajapat, Udaipur

Block Level Govt Officer

Mere ghutno me bahut dard tha kafi saalon se. Me kitchen me khana bhi thek se nahi bana sakti thi. 5 min se jyada khade rehne me ghutno me khinchav hone lagta tha. Uthte baithe pure din ghutno me dard tha. Kum jyada hota rehta tha. Bahut ilaj karvaya, koi aaram nahi. Dard nivarak medicine se thoda aram hota fir badh jata. Bahut pareshan thi. Fir hu...Read Morem dr gaurav se mile. Unhone bahut achche se check karke samjhaya. Ilaj chalu hua. Dheere dheere pura aaram mil gaya. Aaj me apne husband ke saath roj 3-4 kilometer morning walk pe jaati hu. Saara kaam bina dard aaramse kar rahi hu. Koi takleep nahi hai. Thankyou dr gaurav. Ghutno ko bina operation best ilaj. Mere mother in law (sasuji) and father in law (sasurji) ne bhi is hospital se kamar dard aur ghutne dard ka ilaj karvaya. Dono bilkul thek hai. Best knee doctor in udaipur. Best physiotherapy hospital in udaipur. Best back pain doctor in udaipur. Best low back pain hospital. Pain Speciaist.

Pushpa Prajapati, Udaipur

Home Maker

Severe pain in my low back. Took Dr Paiwal's treatment. Very much satisfied. Thankyou sir. Physiotherapy can actually heal slip disc / spondilitis / disc bulge. The best pain relief doctor. Best wishes.

Deepak Kumar Meena, Udaipur

Retired Bank Employee

I had pain in my both knees since 3-4 years which gradually worsened with age. I was not able to walk, not stand for long, cant even come sit to stand easily, terrible pain i had. Took all possible treatment, fell down few times, broke my ligament of knee also. Used to go to washroom also with some family member's manual support. Met dr paiwal thro...Read Moreugh his newspaper advertisement, he checked and guided me in the best possible way. I started with his treatment and after that my pain completely ended. Now i go for a morning and evening walk also. No pain at all. Best Physiotherapy in udaipur for knee pain. Best pain less treatment for osteoarthritis. Thanks and best wishes sir.

Kishan Lal Sharma, Udaipur

Retired Teacher

My wife had chronic low back pain due to L4-L5 and L5-S1 Slip disc / disc prolapse / disc protrusion / disc compression from many many years. She had to leave her job to compensate for this pain as it was unbearable. Finally one of my friend took me to dr paiwal. His 45 mins of consultation cleared all our myths about pain, slip disc and physiother...Read Moreapy. Physiotherapy is not just exercise or temporary pain relief with medication and Ultrasound or SWD. Its a whole science. The best chronic pain relief treatment you can give to yourself or your patient. Just follow Dr Paiwal's Rapid Pain Relief Protocol and heal your disc compression pain from inside out. Avoid spine surgery. Continue physiotherapy. It will take time but finish your pain completely.

Piyush Sharma, Udaipur


I had terrible pain in my neck due to cervical spondylitis from a long long time. Took Course from Dr Gaurav. He is just amazing with healing your neck slip disc. The best physiotherapist in udaipur. Most skilled, humble, knowledgeable. As promised by him, my pain totally finished by his course. and now from past 2 years i am living a total pain fr...Read Moreee life and doing the same job which i had earlier quit because of this pain. Best doctor for your chronic neck pain. Heal your pain from inside out.

Priyanka Sharma, Udaipur

Front Office Manager

I do heavy work which requires heavy lifting and management the whole day. My sitting hours in my business are also long. So, i was suffering from severe pain of slip disc, starting from my back and running in my leg with tingling, numbness, burning skin, pulling in thigh, etc. Consulted dr paiwal. He examined and made me understand the cause. Conf...Read Moreirmed with My MRI that i have slip disc (disc protrusion) in my back and plus sciatica. Continued as he advised. With his treatment gradually the pain vanished. I was totally pain free. This was years back. I am still continuing with my same business and work hours. No pain at all. He is the best. The best chronic pain doctor for slip disc or back pain or leg pain or sciatica in udaipur. Best part is he himself treats. Trust him and he will save you from your spine surgery. Avoid surgery in spine take his treatment.

Sachin Nainava, Udaipur


Took Treatment for my low back pain. Was in severe pain when i met him. Treated very well. Thanks sir.

Rahul Kalra, Udaipur


Excellent knowledge, superb skills, very nice treatment protocol. Top physiotherapist of udaipur. I had critical pain in my knees from many years. Consulted many bone doctors here and around. But no major relief. Pain killer medicines used to work for few hours after taking them and then again pain used to increase. All doctors used to advice for K...Read Morenee replacement surgery for my osteoarthritis. Consulted dr paiwal after knowing about him online. Took his course and really my pain completely finished. I was not able to stand for even two minutes, not able to walk even in our home, dint go to even our terrace from many years due to this pain. This was my pain status without dr gaurav's treatment. After his treatment i visited two counties, walked 5-6 kilometers per day during those visits. Gaurav saved me from Knee replacement surgery. A most recommended treatment for every senior citizen woman for her knee pains / arthritis / osteoarthritis / knee gap. Avoid knee surgery. Take laser and tecar therapy instead. Best thing i like about this clinic is, Dr Paiwal treats himself. Not dependent on juniors or staff and takes family like care of each and every patient. Very polite man.

Sudha Sharma, Udaipur

Home Maker

I am a house wife and was feeling severe pain in my neck and both shoulders running till both hands as well as low back and in both legs. Took treatment from many doctors, but pain killers used to give me temporary relief. Then an old patient of Dr Paiwal told me about him. Me and my husband met him. Dr Paiwal took almost 45 mins to check and made ...Read Moreus understand the problem after my few essential tests. Fully satisfied with his explanation and confidence we started with his treatment, With one week pain started reducing and totally finished in few days. I am so happy that my slip disc, cervical spondilitis and lumbar slip disc got the best treatment available. After his treatment now i feel, slip disc in low back and neck is absolutely curable. Thankyou Sir. Avoid your spine surgery. Take his specialized physiotherapy for your pain. Dr Paiwal's Rapid Pain Control Programme is the best. The Best Physiotherapist in Udaipur. Best Pain Clinic.

VIjaya Ameta, Udaipur

Home Maker

Perfect non operative treatment for your slip disc. I took treatment for my lumbar slip disc (low back pain). I was suffering from chronic low back pain since many years. Took dr paiwal's treatment as he advised and got complete pain relief with in few days. I was not able to stand for more then 5 mins and not able to walk at all. Now, i am doing 4...Read More-5 km walk daily and can do all by daily activities without pain. Thanks Sir

Sushil Jain, Udaipur

Retired Govt. Officer

i had severe pain in my low back and neck for few years. This used to disturb my work a lot. Took treatment from so many doctors here and ahmedabad. Finally, one surgeon advised me spine surgery and i had ti undergo it. Pain with medication or surgery finished for few hours or days but permanent relief was not there. Then, as every one says my spin...Read Moree surgery failed and again i had same pain as earlier. Then an old patient of Dr Gaurav and my friend took me to Doc saab. He got MRI done. Problem was still the same. Slip disc or disc bulge causing spinal canal stenosis. HE made me understand the whole concept of this pain. And i started with his treatment. Within few days my pain vanishes and i got full pain relief. He is so good with pain relief treatment for spine. Superb clinical hand. Very down to earth person. Dont see his basic setup. Understand his concepts and get treated.

Rahul Das, Udaipur

Mechanical Job

I was in severe pain due to 2 slipped disc in my low back in 2015. The pain was so severe that i could now sleep whole night. Morning 7 AM in full winters i met Dr Paiwal. He is so helpful that he treated me so early. Thanks sir. Took his course completely, After the whole sessions i am living a total pain free life. No pain at all in my back or le...Read Moregs. He saved me from spine surgery. Very Helpful and cooperative physiotherapist he is. Master of chronic pain relied in udaipur. Best physiotherapist for your neck or back pain.

H K Pathan, Udaipur

Tax Consultant

First and foremost i want to recommend him to everybody who has diabetes and is suffering from spine pain and diabetic neuropathy (pain , burning, tingling, pricking etc) in their legs, below knees. He made me under stand the concept of diabetic neuropathy and slip disc. He is too good in making you understand the pain and then he explains you th...Read Moree treatment. I came for the treatment by his machines as he said. And slowly slowly my pain vanished. now from past two years i am completely pain free, although i have diabetes, wch is under control. thanks to Dr Paiwal. Amazing experience with him. Best Physio in Udaipur.

A.K.Sharma, Udaipur

Retired Hindustan Zinc M.D.

Dr Gaurav Paiwal is young and dynamic physiotherapist of udaipur, very talented, lots of satisfied clients, his special interest in non invasive treatment of spine problems since last 10 years. He has deviced a protocol which actually treated my back completely. Thanks to him. Excellent Physiotherapist for your back pain. Very very advanced approa...Read Morech. Heals you from within. Gets your MRI done after treatment also to make your full confident about your back strength.

Dr Nitisha Oza, Jamnagar


Best Physiotherapist in the town. Best for treatment of Spine and joint related problems. Awesome and latest equipment. What I personally liked about Dr. Gaurav Paiwal is he educate us about our illness / problem, its reasons, complete procedure of treatment. He invest huge amount of time and energy and this gave me a complete confidence for the t...Read Morereatment of multiple slip disc problem of my wife. Healed the problem of my wife10 years ago and that problem have not re-appeared. Also successfully treated my father 3 years back for stroke and paralysis. A genuine Doctor and now a helpful friend. Keep up the wonderful job.

Zakiuddin Gorakhpurwala, Banswara/Udaipur

Business Man

I had severe pain in my knees. all doctors whom i consulted advised me knee replacement surgeries. but i never wanted to go for that. then i met dr gaurav. he took complete responsibility to cure my pain. i went for daily treatment for few days and now since 2 years i dont have any pain in my knees. i am able to do all my daily routine tasks pain f...Read Moreree. thanks to him. He is the best. Very cooperative. Very Understanding, Helps each and every patients with pain and whatever help asked for. Great soul. All my blessings with him. Top osteoarthritis or arthritis doctor in udaipur.

Dr Rajni Kulshreshtha, Udaipur

Senior Professor

The best treatment has been given to my brother and mother by Dr. Paiwal. Many of my friends and relatives had got the best and effective treatment. I suggest If someone has some spine or joint problem, he should once contact Dr. Gaurav Paiwal. One of the best of the best. God bless him.

Dilip Soni, Udaipur

Business Man

Dr. Paiwal is the best physiotherapist I have met. I had lost hope that I will get my back pain relief after my surgery, but Dr. Gaurav treated me very patiently and nicely and I recovered from my pain with in one month. I recommend Dr. Gaurav paiwal to all.

Dr Saurabh Goel, Udaipur

Dental Surgeon

Best physiotherapy sessions in Udaipur. He cured severe slip disc of my mom in just few physiotherapy sessions in 2013. Dr.Gaurav Paiwal has been absolutely great. Treatment of my mom by him has given my mom’s recovery a holistic approach alleviating the pain while working towards strengthenin her back muscles. Thanks to Him.

Dr Himanshu Vyas, Udaipur


Totally satisfied with his treatment .nw m feeling good ..and he is only dr. I have ever seen who call you after treatment and ask you about your problem...if patient is not good he gives you properly advise and time ...

Kuljeet Singh Rao, Udaipur

Business Man

One of the most talented and down to earth person. Moreover he is a successful physiotherapist. Best facility in Rajasthan for diabetic foot care and other painful conditions. Superb knowledge and indepth analysis of spine pain patients. He promises total pain relief and delivers the same.

Durlabh Sharma, Jaipur / Bikaner


Dr Paiwal is a nice person, very caring & patient centric. He understands the condition very well.I pray to almighty so that his service to humanity is rendered to the needful everytime. Best chronic pain doctor for low back pain and neck pain in udaipur. Very understanding and humble man. Best wishes doc saab.

Suman Paul, Mumbai


Dr paiwal is the best physiotherapist in rajasthan ... My wife was suffering from disc bulge (slip disc) in L4-L5 & L5-S1 since 10-12 month and She was suffering from unbearable pain due to this at lower back and one leg. Consulted with many doctors in Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Baroda but result nil, I felt frustrated everywhere. Everyone suggest for su...Read Morergery but I did not want this at 29 years of age... finally I met dr paiwal through a friend and he assured me for 100% cure from this, without any surgery in 40-45 days through his tecar and laser machines treatment. 20 to 25 days later the result came more than expected and after completion in 50 days my wife almost cured. Now my wife living without any pain since last 10 months. Lot of thanks to dr. Paiwal for their greatest job. He is the best spine physiotherapist in udaipur division I fully recommend.

Ashok Sarva, Rajsamand

BSNL Employee

Excellent physiotherapy services are being provided by Dr. Gaurav Paiwal in our city, Udaipur. My 95-year-old mother got a lot of relief from the long-term shoulder pain in just 2 weeks treatment. Top Physiotherapist of Udaipur. Best Knowledge. Best machinary. World class treatment protocol for pain relief.

Dr Ramesh Joshi, Udaipur


Your back pain and neck pain cannot have a better solution then dr paiwal. Great clinician. Very good with physiotherapy for joint and pain. Highly recommended for every pain patient. Nobody can treat your pain better then him. Top Udaipur Physiotherapist. Best Pain Doctor

Mohammad Islam, Udaipur


Myself Ramesh Paneri, from Udaipur. At the age of 71, on 21st Jan 2013, i fell down from one floor. Fractured my neck bones and got operated with internal fixation on 22nd Jan in Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad. I lost all my four limbs and was not even able to turn my neck on my own. The neurosurgeon who operated my spine told me, “you might not be able...Read More to walk rest of your life. But saving your life was more important. Carry on with the best physiotherapy possible in Udaipur.” Returning back i consulted many physios in udaipur but only Dr Gaurav Paiwal, Physiotherapist, guaranteed me a walk with in a year of treatment. That was like a lifetime dream for me at that time. Dr Gaurav started with the treatment in feb 2013, daily exercises. I started sitting on my own after two months of treatment, supported walking in third month, unsupported and independent walking by 6-8th month of treatment and by almost 10-11th month of daily exercises by Dr Paiwal i was able to climb 52 steps to climb my house on 3rd floor. Since then (Feb 2014) I am living my daily routine life without any sort of dependency. I go for a walk on fatehsagar many time a week and without any help I am able to do all my work like a normal person. Dr. Gaurav Paiwal and his efforts only made me walk. He is the best physiotherapist in Udaipur and I must say even in rajasthan. He made a 71 year old, diabetic, spinal cord injury, quadriparetic patient walk, that is like a wonder for many of the doctors I meet for various reasons in family and my known doctors too. Dr Paiwal is best neurological physiotherapist.

Ramesh Paneri, Udaipur

Business Man

I know dr gaurav since many years, have seen him since school days and have seen him grow professionally. he is sincere, hardworking and a good person. had a chance visiting his centre few yrs back, was really impressed by his set up and his work. my aunty took treatment for her back pain from him. And she is now completely free from the pain she h...Read Moread since many years. Great Going Dr.Gaurav. Wish you hue success with your "Dr.Paiwal's Rapid Pain Recovery Program".

Dr Hussain Ali Rangwala, Udaipur/Kuwait


Simply the best experience I have had in respect of my knee issues of Meniscus tear, and ankle issues of Hairline fracture. I had met with an sports injury, which I did not paid attention to, but as is the nature of sports injuries they aggravate with every passing day and with minutest of the stresses. After getting many thoughtful opinions, also ...Read Morewent to Dr. Paiwal, that's where it was an eye opener. He not only gave me the nature, current diagnosis, future risks but also suggested options for the treatment from surgical intervention to Rest, aggressive Rehabilitation to a well pace exercise regimen. Before and after and everything. After MRI my surgeon suggested me for Surgical intervention followed with dedicated rehabilitation of around 6 months to get back to my earlier physical aactivities. Being in Defence, I could only take a leave of around 2 months at a time and Here came to my rescue Dr. Paiwal's Rehabilitation, through which I could achieve around 80% of the strength within 45-50 days, which was commended by the surgeon himself. The experience was awesome, healed my self at fast and reliable pace and an added benefit got a friend for life time. Dr.Paiwal again came to our rescue when on phone only he busted our misconception about one of our family members that he is under paralysis attack, and said that as per the symptoms he is suffering from Parkinsons,so he suggested us to immediately see a neuro physician. After consulting the neuro we found out that whatever Dr. Paiwal told us was true in To to. Dr. Paiwal is one physio who knows what, why and how of the problem and it's cure. His clinic equipped with all the latest and state of the art equipment. Great job Doc.

Jeetendra Rathore, Jaipur

Ex- Navy Man

Dr Gaurav is mulaqat hui Feb 2010 me. Meri sister inke kamar dard ka treament le rahi thi. unhone mere knee ligament injury ki baat ki inse. MRI dikhai. Mujhe kuwait se bulvaya gaya. Inse mila. MRI hui. mujhe mere right knee joint me sever pain rehta tha. 2 ligament, ACL and MCL grade 2 ki injury pe the. Kuwait me mera business h. wahan 4-5 km roj ...Read Morepaidal chalna padta tha. Usme dikkat hoti thi. Mumbai me mujhe 4 lakh rs ke ek operation ke baare me bola advice kiya gaya tha. Fir, dr paiwal me mujhe inke laser ilaj ke baare me bataya. maien 35-40 din ilaj liya. mera dard, lachak, kamjoori bilkul khatam ho gayi. fir inhone mujeh tasalli dilaane ke liye ek football buy ki. mere saath subah subah ganddhi ground me aakar khele. total tasalli ke baad hi me kuwait wapas gaya. aaj is baat ko 10 saal ho gaye hain. mujhe knee me koi takleef nahi h. aur doc gaurav ka nature bhi bilkul ghar jaisa h. last 10 saalon me mere kayi relatives neck pain, back pain, knee pain, sciatica, slip disc ka treatment dr saab se le chuke h aur total complete hain. me ligament injury aur dard ke liye dr gaurav paiwal ko recommend karta hu. itna tasalli se samjhata aur ilaj koi doctor sahab nahi karte hain. trust him. and you will never have to meet anybody for your pain again.

Sanjay Maheshwari, Kuwait

Business Man

Due to my long sitting hrs. at office I was suffering from cervical spondylitis and lumbar slip disc at 4 levels . Initially in 2016, I took rest and medication but down the line due to travelling and extra work hours the pain got severe and unbearable and I visited Dr. Paiwal to cure this pain through physiotherapy. I underwent therapy including T...Read Moreraction, laser, tecar for almost 47 days and I've recovered from the pain which I had since 2016. I would highly recommend people suffering from slip disc to consult Dr. Paiwal for best results without getting operated. Thank you Dr. Paiwal !

Damini, Udaipur


I live in bangalore, have two kids, was suffering from severe neck and back pain since my second delivery. It was quite disturbing at times to manage with household chores and both babies with pain. At times i was baout to cry because of this pain. Then a friend told me about Dr Paiwal. Consulted him, Took his treatment and now i am totally relieve...Read Mored from my both pains. Pain was in neck and both arms as well as low back and both legs. All my pull, tingling, numbness vanished. I am so happy. Thankyou sir. He is too good with spine treatment. His laser and tecar therapy machines heals your pain from inside out.

Ayushi Kachhara, Bangalore

Business Woman

My mother had slip disc in her low back and severe pain in her left leg because of that. After all other temporary treatments for many years one of our relatives gave us reference of Dr Paiwal. We consulted him. He checked my mother. Advised her tecar and laser therapy for few weeks. Her daily treatment started. With in one week her pain started re...Read Moreducing. And she gained confidence in her walk and work. As guided by Dr Gaurav her pain disappeared completely after few weeks of daily treatment by Dr Gaurav. She is so happy. Living pain free after so many years of painful hassle. Dr Paiwal is the best pain doctor. Top recommended for chronic pain relief. A 5 star experience. Thankyou sir.

Rahul Nagda, Mavli


Mujhe meri kamar aur pair me bahut dard tha. kayi saalon tak orthopaedician and neurology ke doctors ko bata kar unki davaiyan leti rahi, lkabhi bhi pura aaram nahi mila. fir udaipur se mere bhaiya ne dr gaurav paiwal ke baare me bataya, unse mili. 2009 me unhone mera dard pura khatam kar diya. tabse me ek pain free zindagi jee rahi hoon. thankyou ...Read Moresir. you are the best.

Seema Sahu, Rajsamand

Home Maker

My wife took Dr Sahab's treatment in 2008 for her low back pain, since then he is our family doctor. I had severe pain in 2018 Diwali. 100% pain. Came to meet doc saab after taking his medicine on phone. Got MRI done. It showed 3 slip discs. Came for daily treatment of doctor paiwal from rajsamand. Now i am totally pain free. i had sent more then 1...Read More0-20 knee pain, leg pain, shoulder pain, low back pain, neck pain patients to doc paiwal. and all of them are fully satisfied with his treatment, He is the best pain doctor in Udaipur and around. Most recommended physiotherapist, We all travel from rajsamand to udaipur daily for his treatment,

Lokesh Sahu, Rajsamand


Best physiotherapist in udaipur. My father sufffered low back pain. No permanent relief from anywhere. Finally met Dr Gaurav. He cured my father's pain totally. He is the top physiotherapist in Udaipur. Most recommended,

Mahendra Kumawat, Udaipur

Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Udaipur. Best Physiotherapist in Udaipur. Took treatment for my 4 year old neck pain and totally happy with the treatment, This clinic meets all safety standards of corona and takes best care of patients,

Kamla Kumawat, Udaipur

Took Dr paiwals sessions for by neck pain and got complete relief. No pain left at all. The best he is.

Ravindra Singh, jaisalmer

My wife had pain in her neck and left hand with tingling, throbbing, numbness, pulling pain. Doc Gaurav got her MRI done, explained us nerve compression in her neck and therapy of almost 45 days. We started with full faith. As days passed her pain gradually reduced and finally as dr gaurav promised she is totally pain free. We got her Repeat MRI do...Read Morene, and trust me her disc are healed, Dr Paiwal is the best physiotherapist. I recommend him for all spine patients,

Sachin Jain, Udaipur

i had severe pain in my both knees since last 6 years. I was not able to stand for more then 5 mins, walking was too difficult and painful. I was advised knee replacement surgery 4 years back. Then i met Dr Gaurav Paiwal via one of his old patient, Started with his treatment, After 45 sessions my knee pain is totally cured. I am so thankful to him....Read More

Kanhaiya Lal Salvi, Bhindar

Mera 18 saal purana kamar dard 2012 me sir ne thek kiya tha. Aaj tak me pain free hoon, Thankyou Dr Gaurav mujhe 72 saal ki umr me 3 slip disc ke operation se bachane ke liye.

J C Sharma, Jodhpur

Best doctor for slip disc treatment If you really want to finish your chronic pain permanently. He is a magician. He heals your spine, The best.

Deepak Mandot, Banswara

I reside in London. Came from their to take treatment for my low back pain and sciatica Dr gaurav is best. My pain got cured totally. Planning to get my father for same treatment soon. Thanks doc

Vijay Sharma, London

Our association with pain specialist Dr gaurav paiwal is very old. My wife was suffering from knee pain due to osteoarthritis in 2010. That time we took many medication from all major doctors of udaipur but no permanent relief. Them we met Dr paiwal, he assessed my wife, explained us that this is knee gap / arthritis. And if treated we will have to...Read Moretal pain relief for 10 years at least. took his course for 28-30 days. And yes my wife was totally pain free. For 10 years she danced in family functions, we did many spiritual trips, she was pain free. Then in 2020 again pain reoccurred. We met Dr paiwal immediately He checked, got few tests done and then started with treatment. Now after 45 days of treatment my wife is totally free of her knee pain. She can walk for 1-2 KMS. thank you Dr gaurav paiwal. You are the best and most experienced physiotherapist in udaipur. Best pain clinic for spine pain, knee pain, neck pain, arthritis, ligament injury. Most recommended to any pain patient. Just comply with what he says. He is the best. The top physiotherapist. Pain management specialist Trust him for best recovery. Wishing him huge success.

Krishna Ram Agarwal, Udaipur

My daughter had severe pain in her both heels, took treatment from dr paiwal and now her pain has finished. Dr Paiwal is best in pain relief treatment. Saw many patients getting pain relief from him. Very Good work.

Kusum Jain, Udaipur

I am a business man in udaipur. Due to my exertion i had severe pain in my neck and low back due to slip disc in 2007. After taking treatment from almost all doctors in udaipur i met dr paiwal. He finished my pain totally with his treatment. Now from past 13 years i dont have any pain. My mother, sister, aunty, grandmother also took treatment from ...Read Morehim after that. All are well. Thankyou sir.

Narendra Jain, Udaipur

Most advanced physiotherapy treatment for knee pain and neck pain. Very much satisfied Thanks sir Top pain clinic

Dinesh Menaria, Udaipur

very satisfied with the pain relief services of dr paiwal. my mother had severe pain in her both knees due to arthritis since last 10 years. dr gaurav treated her pain with just few days of physiotherapy.

Dr Manoj Vaishnav, Udaipur

Knowledgble, confident and competent physiotherapist.

K P Bahl, Udaipur

I belong to banswara and live in kuwait. Have a small business there which needs standing for long. i was suffering from on and off low back pain and neck pain since 2007. One of my elder brother got operated in ahmedabad for similar pain and is on bed since then so i felt fearful and came back and consulted a neurologist in Bombay. Got Both MRI do...Read Morene there. Doc said, "you have 4 slip disc in neck and all 5 in low back and need immediate operation". Confused, i consulted Mr Sanjay Maheshwari on old friend of mine with similar pain. He called me to Udaipur and we met Dr Paiwal. Paiwal Sir, got my MRI done on same day, in these MRI there came 2 disc bulges in neck and 3 in back. :) i was half releaved here only. Took his treatment and now living a total pain free life since 2 years. Few of my relatives also took dr paiwals treatment for knee pain, neck pain and all of them are going good, Thanks doc paiwal for saving me from spine surgeries.

Ashok Jain, Banswara

Expert in pain relief. Knowledgeable, skilled, confident and polite doctor. Most recommended for low back pain, neck pain and knee pain.

Vishnu Joshi, Udaipur

From severe low back pain to no pain. Dr paiwal saved me from spine surgery for my chronic back pain, which I had since 2007. I was suffering from dull back pain since 2007. Which worsened with time. I had severe pain in back and both legs when I met dr paiwal though a friend. And I was advised from all doctors for spine correction surgery. Dr gaur...Read Moreav saved me from this. He is skilled and knowledgeable plus very down to earth also. Recommended to every low back pain or neck pain patient.

Vinod Bolia, Udaipur

Dr. Paiwal physiotherapy clinic uses best world class technologies and therapy which in my knowledge its the only physio clinic in Udaipur with such facilities. My sister have knee pain and swelling so we consult Dr. Gaurav sir and after 10-12 sittings pain and swelling vanished away.

Abhinav Sharma, Bhilwara

At first We took Dr Paiwal's treatment for my husband's low back pain due to slip disc and sciatica on recommendation of an old friend of us who took same treatment from him for his slip disc. so we came from Jodhpur, stayed in udaipur in a flat and took dr sahab's treatment. I also had pain in my low back and neck since few years while i used to s...Read Moretand for long for cooking or to sit for long with kids to teach them. Took Doc Sahab's treatment for that. and now i am majorly pain free. Thankyou sir for saving my and my husband from spinal surgeries.

Laxmi Sharma, Jodhpur

I live in Jodhpur, had severe low back pain and sciatica since few years. In Feb 2020, it worsened. Consulted many doctors in Jodhpur and was advised bed rest. Did bed rest for few months. Then an old patient of Dr Paiwal came in my contact and i came to meet him from Jodhpur lying in my car. I was not able to stand for 5 mins. Was bent on one side...Read More from my back and had severe pain of more then 90%. Took Dr Paiwal's treatment. He made me walk in between the treatment only and i was able to walk, whereas initially i was not even able to stand. Completed his course and today i am totally pain free. Thankyou sir.

Ramesh C Sharma, Jodhpur

I am a 27 year old boy with a history of low back pain since last 3-4 years. Consulted few bone doctors in udaipur, got MRI done. it showed 40% compression on 2 discs in my low back spine. All of them suggested me operation. But knowing the outcome of operation i did not wanted to go for it. Then i consulted dr gaurav. He advised me his treatment f...Read Moreor few weeks. His treatment is through Deep penetration laser and tecar rays. I started with it and yes as he promised. My pain started reducing in just a week. After 5-6 weeks of his daily treatment today i am able to do all my work and do my seating job of 8-9 hours without pain. He is master of Spine pain treatment.

Hemendra Patel, Udaipur