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Physiotherapy as a self-assessment discipline ? Physiotherapy is an independent, self assessing, scientific medical field. It has been given listed with ISCO Code 2264 in World Health Organisation list of medical professions. In this field, a qua

Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy as Tailored Treatment :"If you can explain your pain, we can heal it off." Physical therapy isn't a "one-size-fits-all treatment, " Dr Gaurav says. Today's therapists tailor their therapy to address the source o

Body Pain and Biomechanics :Easiest possible illustration of Biomechanics is "Study of body as a machine, is Biomechanics" or "Biomechanics, is the study of the structure and function of the mechanical aspects of biological systems, at any level fr

Effectiveness of device-based therapy for conservative management of low back pain and neck pain : Device based therapy for low back pain (LBP) or neck pain involves quantitative assessment of muscle strength, resistance and lumbar/cervical motion

Answers to all your pain questions before we treat your pain :All the chronic pain patients and their caretakers and family members have many questions unanswered in almost every medical consultation. Dr Gaurav Paiwal ({PT) explains everything to

What is Dr Paiwal's Rapid Pain Control Program : A scientific, goal oriented, evidence based, specialized protocol based on totally on world class physiotherapy machines and physiotherapy exercises, which targets healing of your damaged tissues of

Discount for Senior Citizens till 15th December 2018 : Special 20% discount for senior citizens in Consultation as well as daily treatment on or before 15th Dec.Dr Paiwal’s Physiotherapy Clinic provides you the services of Best Physiotherapist in

Shoulder Pain :Pain in shoulder could be due to many reasons, traumatic or non-traumatic, to name a few, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, bursitis, supraspinatus muscle tear, etc, whatever may the cause, but all shoulder conditions could be t

Most common question asked : Can Chronic Body Pains be healed to normal??Yes, core, world class, electro therapy machines, which are actually Deep heating and deep healing modalities have very deep physiological effects on your body, which removes